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Poker Promotions

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Poker promotions are occurring daily!

December High Hands
Day Amount Timeframe Frequency
$250 1:00PM - 10:00PM Every 30 Minutes
Sunday, December 4 $200  1:00PM - 10:00PM  Every 60 Minutes
Monday $250 Noon - 10:00PM Every 30 Minutes
Tuesday $200 Noon - 10:00PM Every 60 Minutes
Wednesday $400 Noon - 10:00PM Every 30 Minutes
Thursday $200 Noon - 10:00PM Every 60 Minutes

Friday, December 2, 9, 23, & 30


2:00PM - 1:00AM

Every 30 Minutes

Friday, December 16


4:00PM - 1:00AM

Every 30 Minutes

Saturday, December 3, 10, & 31 $500 2:00PM - 1:00AM Every 30 Minutes
Saturday, December 17 $500 4:00PM - 1:00AM Every 30 Minutes



  1. Must be 21 or older. Winner must be present, have a valid ID and a Live! Rewards card.
  2. Minimum qualifying hand of Jacks full of Deuces.
  3. There must be at least four players dealt into the hand. Shorthanded games (three or less players) are not eligible.
  4. Pot must be at least $10 in size including rake and jackpot.
  5. Players must use at least one hole card combined with 3 (three) or 4 (four) board cards to qualify.
  6. Must be your best possible 5 card hand to win using one or both hole cards. The high hand must be the "winning hand" to qualify.
  7. Must be playing in a Jackpot eligible Texas Hold'em poker game.
  8. Players can win more than one prize.
  9. There will be no ties. You must beat the posted high hand.
  10. The money will be equally divided only when two players, playing at the same table, split the pot using the same qualifying highest-ranking hand.
  11. High Hands time recognition for the round is completed when the display clock strikes zero.
  12. Hands must be verified by a Poker Supervisor.
  13. Any High Hand being witnessed by Live! Philadelphia Poker Room staff as "slow play" to manipulate the clock into the next promotional period will be disqualified.
  14. Side betting or selling of high hands is prohibited.
  15. Any player who is witnessed conversing, messaging, or gesturing for a player at the table to increase action to fulfill the pot minimum of $10 will be disqualified. 
  16. If no player has qualified for the High Hand during the final qualifying period, the promotion ends, no money rolls over to any other period.
  17. Any promotional prize not claimed after 72 hours, will be returned to its original fund. This promotion is funded by the High Hand Funds.
  18. Management reserves the right to alter or cancel this promotion.
  19. Call to reserve your seat 267-682-7426.