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$300,000 Pick 'Em Challenge

Win a share of over $300,000 in prizes!

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This football season, win a share of over $300,000 in prizes! Get your weekly picks in by 11:59PM every Saturday.

Dates: Tuesday, September 5 - Saturday, January 6

Weekly Earning Period: 8:00AM Tuesday - 11:59PM Saturday

Promotion Details:

  •   Win a share of over $300,000 in prizes this football season!
  •   Earn 100 Tier Credits each week to join the competition for your chance to win.
  •   Once 100 Tier Credits are earned each week, simply swipe your Live! Rewards card at any promotional kiosk to participate.
  •   Pick the winning teams each week to be a weekly winner.
  •   The Live! Rewards members with the most correct guesses from all three Live! casinos will win a share of $300,000 in prizes!
  •   A total of 280 winners will be rewarded throughout the football season.
  •   Get your picks in each week by 11:59PM on Saturday to be eligible to win.
  •   All Live! Rewards members can participate once per week.
  •   Once Tier Credits have been earned, go to any promotional kiosk and swipe your Live! Rewards card to make your picks.
  •   The 10 guests with the highest number of winners picked each week will win Free Play prizes at their respective casino.
  •   Winners will be posted and Free Play will be added each Tuesday by noon.
  •   In the case of a weekly tie, the tie breaker will be based on the guests' total combined score guess for the designated Monday night game.
  •   In the case of a tie at the end of the season, the tie breaker will be based on who has the overall lowest point differential from the season.

Player Information

Week 2 Leaderboard

Player Information
Place Player ID FSP Name
1 PH300095446 $1,000.00 Daniel W.
2 PH300137162 $750.00 Miguel C.
3 PH000400482 $750.00 Samantha K.
4 PH300198412 $500.00 Michael W.
5 MD001196320 $500.00 Shelia G.
6 PH000321693 $500.00 Kevin C.
7 PH000025757 $250.00 Barbara D.
8 PH300077585 $250.00 Ramon O.
9 PH000341158 $250.00 Austin S.
10 PH300005031 $250.00 Stephen E.