it's not just work, it's Live!

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At Live! we pride ourselves in our best-in-class venues, unparalleled service, and most of all our exceptional people. Our Team Members are the foundation of our success. They are what truly set us apart.

Individuals who choose to be part of the Live! Team can expect:

  • To be part of an exciting experience unlike any other in the Philadelphia market.
  • To be given the power and responsibility to put service and community first.
  • To come together as a strong team, while valuing and celebrating our diversity
  • To be given the tools, resources, and opportunity to grow in their career.
  • To work hard and have fun.

It's Not Just Work. It's Live!

It’s Not Just Work, IT’S OPPORTUNITY




It’s Not Just Work, IT’S COMMUNITY




It’s Not Just Work, IT’S PEOPLE