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Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia's casino credit application is a free and convenient way to access your funds while at our table games or slot machines.

Live! Credit Application

Our casino credit is a free and convenient way to access your funds while at our table games or slot machines.

Submitting Your Application

To take advantage of this option, you must first visit the link to the Credit Application above. Fill it out completely and submit the application through our online secure website.

By clicking this link, you will leave the Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia website and enter the website of Cental Credit LLC, a trusted vendor of Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia.

All information is treated confidentially, and we maintain procedural protections to guard our guests' non-public personal information. Please allow 2-3 business days for completion of your credit application.

Front Money

Front Money is a fast and convenient way to access your own funds, you can easily deposit them directly into your own account at Live! Casino. Once you have submitted the front money application and the Live! Casino Main Cage has verified the funds, you can withdraw funds directly from your favorite table games. Your Live! player’s card will be used to access your funds and casino chips will be given to you and before you know it, you’re in the action!

Slots players can also apply for a front money account. The same processes will take place and the only difference is once the funds have been deposited and verified you can withdraw your front money out as cash directly from the main cage.

There are three ways to transfer funds to your front money account:

  • You can simply deposit cash directly at the casino cage or complete a wire transfer that must first be initiated from your bank account, which then your bank will deposit the funds into Live! Philadelphia’s bank account

  • Our cage team members will then verify the funds and place them directly into your front money account which can then be drawn at the casino cage or directly at the tables.

  • You can also deposit an official bank check from your financial institution. This transaction can be completed at the casino cage once the check has been verified 

Remember the front money application must first be completed before Live! can accept any of the above for front money deposit. In conclusion, front money is a secure way of accessing your funds in smaller amounts rather than carrying a large amount of money with you. 


Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia will take the following into consideration:

  • Your status with other casinos.
  • Your personal Consumer Credit report.
  • Your personal or sole proprietor bank balances.
  • Your level of play in our casino.

How It Works

Once casino credit is approved and granted, any table games players may make a request for a marker (counter check) at the table of your choice. Once your markers are signed, funds are given to you in the form of gaming chips. Slot players are issued markers (counter check) at the Casino Cage. Once your marker is signed, cash is given to you.

By establishing a line of credit, you can play with ease and avoid the hassle of carrying extra cash. Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia offers guests casino credit for gambling purposes only. Casino credit cannot be used at the FanDuel Sportsbook or for poker play. If you win or break even, you are expected to redeem your marker prior to leaving Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia. If you do not win or break even, the marker hold times are as follows:

  • $1.00 - $4,999.00: 15 Calendar Days
  • $5,000.00 - above: 30 Calendar Days
  • (Minimum to apply is $2,500.00)

To redeem your marker, please visit our Casino Cage any time during the 15 - 30 days period with cash, cash equivalent, a personal check, or you can let the marker go directly to your bank for payment. If you choose to mail a check, please send to the below address:

ATTN: Cage/Casino Credit
Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia
900 Packer Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148