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Luk Fu specials

welcome the year of the tiger!

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Join us in celebrating the Lunar New Year with a limited-time specialty menu from Luk Fu, featuring crispy fried fish, Hong Kong-style lobster, and more!

Abalone Herb Soup

abalone, black mushrooms, chicken feet


Dry Scallops with Yellow Chives Soup
scallops, yellow chives, bamboo skin


Stir Fried Duck Tongue with Yellow Chives in XO sauce
marinated duck tongue, yellow chives, xo sauce


Braised Pig Feet with Lotus Roots
Asian herbal spice, red bean curd, Chinese celery


Stir Fried Chinese Cauliflower and Pig Tongue
Chinese Five Spice, lotus roots, carrots


choose a style: steamed, ginger scallion or hong kong


Steamed Whole Fish
ginger, scallion, sweet soy


Sauteed Chinese Vegetable
stir fried with roasted whole garlic